EMIN YU_        മ◡മ


^ an Istanbul based artist,
working mainly with image and sound.

^ half of un’me
^ part of SUB Initiative

^ exploring sonic
territories as ğyu

contact emnyu@protonmail.com

? ?

SEP 14-29,'18 / Duo Show / Apartment Project, Berlin / •̆ un'me


Question is the mark of inquisition > 

We can point out our place on the map, but whereabouts are we on the mesh of geogra- phy, timeline and our inner landscapes? This is where we started. With associations, time and space often extends to encompass uncertain- ties. Question is the only mark wide enough to contain the inquisitive nature of stepping forward tentative-ly into a new life and new universe of visuals.

A dialogue between us, our works and our
audience, between the spectacle and the
spectator, preternaturally ushered in objects in a pre-determined time frame, transmediat- ed into the space. The space became a meta- phor for the inside of our two minds; the walls
manifesting more questions and layers, much like our studios; as this space was to us for a month.

Outside, we are constantly looking, sometimes with awareness and other times; not. In the subway the all-seeing eye symbol often catch- es our eye. Video, it warns us: I see, in Latin. We accumulated it, along with a broken rearview mirror, which we might interpret with a Naboko- vian twist as memory’s eye blinded by an axe—

Speaking of memories —screenshots— Google Earth has a different memory of our street, Weisestr, to offer: warped spacetime, buildings shredded to ribbons, trees looking like imaging software’s idea of what a tree would look like, working from a description you typed in.
We watch the people who come to the space. As they watch the pieces, they are in their turn watched and recorded.
It’s about seeing and being seen.
Questions represent our current statement as artists, our confusion and unresting situation They are omni-present in space as a continuous background sound and hand-written texts on the walls. The process is thus exhausted.

                      un'me - Berlin, 2018