Untitled Space, February 19-21, 2015, Istanbul TR
Boris Garavini and me, presented a 3-day performance, mixation of my photobook, Garavini’s video installation and additional sound installation (by Duncan Nilsson Pinhas) in a gallery space as one art-piece. Transitions between my work and Garavini’s, combines multiple mediums together as one and leaves the audience to examine all the layers and spectrums in between.

Transition 01, the photo-book, is a representation of the road, landscapes and found objects between Istanbul and Artvin in the date of April 2013. It’s a non-linear photographic narrative of an observer’s visual memory, a personal index of a space between a point A to a point B.

Transition 02, the video installation, questions the consequences of the photographic gesture. The installation replicates actions, moments and sounds that occurred while travelling from Istanbul to Artvin. The sum of these footages, picked up during the trip, act like a memory, an archive. They are introduced all together in the same space, but having each one their own path. This creates a new storyline; it brings to the foreground a second text, there since the beginning, but only put together and laid out in the open.

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