EMIN YU_        മ◡മ


^ an Istanbul based artist,
working mainly with image and sound.

^ half of un’me
^ part of SUB Initiative

^ exploring sonic
territories as ğyu

contact emnyu@protonmail.com


SEP 26 - OCT 9,'19 / Sound Installation / 40.854178, 29.115506 / SUB / `ૢ ğyu

Object Sound Græin {Loop, 33min02sec} was a solar powered sound box, located at a spot on the heights of Prinkipo, Istanbul.

The box was mounted on a cluster of rocks facing a view of Istanbul across the Marmara sea, where you had to find it first via shared GPS location to listen what was inside.

The sounds were live recorded by ğyu around the same spot throughout the summer of 2019.

The installation was a part of public interventions mapped by SUB

[As sub]..we began to experience forms of openness as we explored the dynamics of acting together.

Developed organically around a motivation created by İlayda Tunca, Ezgi Yurteri and Melih Aydemir and formed through the participation of Sebastiano Pala, bilemezsin, Emin Yu_ {ğyu}, Zeynep Beler and Cem Örgen, the initiative produced a series of public space installations during September and October.

By taking the city as a space of its time, beyond a pre-constructed conceptual framework or plan, we aimed to experiment with random structures and to produce, relate, and make sense reflexively.

We witnessed the deconstruction between ‘memory’ and ‘the public’ while observing the ongoing changes in Turkey; the reconfiguration of names, dates, places, and transformation of the collective memory and thus the public opinion, particularly in Istanbul.

While exploring the possibilities of public involvement and re-reading the city through discoveries in Balat, Moda Coast and Büyükada, we can speak of a motivation that arose from the need to stretch the assertion of art, structures of institutions and forms of display.

We have created a dispersed movement by interrupting and expanding the structural forms, and intervened with the city. The works were produced with a possibility of a fragile return by ’leaving up’, then settled into the city, clung, stuck and left behind.