EMIN YU_        മ◡മ


^ an Istanbul based artist,
working mainly with image and sound.

^ half of un’me
^ part of SUB Initiative

^ exploring sonic
territories as ğyu

contact emnyu@protonmail.com


SEP 17,'19 / Live Performance / Happening Now, Istanbul / •̆ un'me

What has the fig tree done to deserve its bad fame? Does it truly target architecture and embody the imagined threat of nature on human life and development? Does the story of genesis forever bind it to inauspicious female sexuality? Or is it merely because it’s the Turkish shepherd to the ubiquitous and domestic rubber plant’s Golden Retriever?

Zeynep Beler gives a mini-lecture, part history of the fig tree’s ill fame, part rundown of Viennese architect Hundertwasser’s manifesto on tree tenants, and part personal essay, which ğyu accompanies with a semi-generative soundscape that gives voice to the fig tree.

This mini lecture was a part of performance series, Happening Now, curated by Özge inal

un'me is; zeynepbeler & ğyu

/ High-res Soundscape Only {ğyu}

  / Performance Video {un'me}